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We want YOUR feedback! :DD



Thank you all for playing the Mica: Apoptosis demo! (And for those who didn’t play it, please do play it and tell us what you think! ouo) So far, however, we haven’t received much feedback apart from “It’s good” and “It’s fun” and we’ll need to know a bit more than that so that we can cater the full version more to your preferences (as well as to answer any queries that you have pertaining the game)~ 

So if you’ve finished the demo, please do help us reblog this and answer a few simple questions so we know what you feel about the story so far. owo Thank you so much for your invaluable help!

1. What do you think of the game so far?
2. Who are generally your favourite characters, and why?
3. What are some questions you want answered the most in the full game?
4. What do you predict are answers to these questions?
5. Which characters do you find the most curious or interesting? (Can overlap with #1)
6. What do you generally think of the story so far?
7. What particular scene(s) did you like in the demo?
8. Favorite chapter and protagonist?
9. … Pairings/Ships, do you have any?
10. Was it scary? 
11. What’s your favourite part to play through?
12. Take a random screenshot!

And if you have any other thoughts about gameplay and so on, feel free to post them!

1. I’m in love *ヘ* 
2.Lenine because i love his scared face, is so fucking cute (poor boy uwu).
3. Micaiah and Mika have the same power?, Why Lenine doesn’t like mirrors?, where is Euphy?, ….
4. no idea, Lenine is a kind of demon like a vampire… and i think Euphy search revenger or something…. i don’t now x’D
5. Lenine… Why he hate the mirrors? WHY? D:<!!

6. Fucking amazing, (and is just a Demo Omg *ヘ* )
7. The Balcony, that scene made me have nightmares, ok not really xD…but was the most creepy and is my favorite ゚▽゚
8. chapter 1, Lenine (I’m obsessed with him lol).
9. Lenine x Micaiah, Lenine x Euphy, The boy with unknown name x Mika,..
10. Yes D:!!
11. The Lenine Part *ヘ* 
12.That scare face (I’m a bad person uwu)…image

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